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Appointment of "Deputy Director RSIO Youth Wing "
Upcoming activities 2012 to 2013
Should we participate in anti-polio campaign?


The RSIO’s aspires/is set to promote human rights, humanity and peace development issues without any social, racial or ethnic discrimination in the society’s members. The goal will be achieved by fostering community-oriented awareness and development, advocacy, networking, training and all such activities that can be instrumental in reinstating/restoring the basic rights of the members from whom they have long been kept back / restrained.


The RSIO firmly believes in the sanctity of humans who all share equal birth rights irrespective of gender, caste and creed differences. They are an essentially significant part of human life at all levels, national or international both. It is the responsibility of the societies and social workers to build an environment where all human beings enjoy easy access to their basic rights resulting in peace and prosperity for the individuals in particular and the nation in general.

Message by Chairman

Pakistan has a miserable history of human rights violation. It is quite common to see people being forcefully deprived of their basic rights and their grievances remain unheard as no one gives a thought to them. In such a terrible situation, the whole system needs to be revolutionized so much so that everybody should be able to grasp what is needed for an unworried and smooth life.

I have vowed, very proudly, to protect the public and communal rights using my experience and knowledge. If people become mindful of their worth in the schemes of the world, they would have a high regard for themselves which will add to their self-esteem, build their confidence and expand their creativity. They can then be a part of a healthy society contributing plenty into the nation’s progress. However, this is not a painless enterprise and demands high level of commitment and consistency, but the success can be achieved provided that the requirements are met in the true spirit. With this in mind, I have started an endeavor and am confident to achieve the milestones if I am backed up by the support I need.